2. Are there features other than vendors?

YES - In 2018 we hosted popular guests such as the Sand Garrison Cosplayer group, the creators of the game 'Killer Bunnies', and YouTube Disney Villain and Metal Cover Artist Jonathan Young.

This year at the Third Annual San Diego Rocket Con 2020, we have invited over 60 vendors, famous cosplayers such as Lisa Pinelli, special guests such as Power Rangers (and villains)  from THREE different eras. Of course one of our larger features is the legendary Rob Paulsen, and we haven’t even gotten started! Preview the 2020 Guest List here.

You can follow us on Facebook to keep up to date on guest updates and schedule additions!

3. Where do I buy Tickets?


You can buy tickets on our website, or at the event for a higher price.

4. Why Buy Tickets Online?


If you buy your tickets online, there is no sales tax as well as the price difference that you see above. The real value of buying online is the guaranteed printed badge as well as the opportunity to buy the bundles which include the exclusive 2020 Comic and San Diego Rocket Con pin.

5. Are costumes or cosplay promoted?


YES - We would love to see your newest, and best costumes. At the moment there are no direct incentives except for some amazing photo opportunities with guests, and our exclusive Rocket Con photo booth!

6. Are there artist opportunities?


YES - You will get a table on the outer rim of the show where you can do live sketches, showcase your art, and have a high traffic table!

7. Can I volunteer?


YES - Volunteers get a volunteer shirt and free access to the show in its entirety.

To inquire about volunteer opportunities click here.

8. What are the exclusives for this show?


Not only do we boast the best valued collectors items from our vendors in San Diego, but we also have 2020 San Diego Rocket Con merchandise sold online.

9. When and where is the show?

The show is set in Spring at the Scottish Rite Center, we announce next year’s show dates at the convention of the previous year. The 2020 show is set for March 21st-22nd, a 2 Day comic and toys show experience. 2x the con of the first year!

10. What is TC's Rockets and how is it related to the San Diego Rocket Con?

TC’s Rockets is a San Diego comic book store located on Waring Road. TC’s Rockets has been serving the community for almost four years now. After year three, the father and son business decided to venture into running comic conventions - San Diego Rocket Con was created! It started as a one day show to prove it could be done. Now, San Diego Rocket Con has been quoted as one of the best collectors’ conventions in San Diego!


Visit the site for more information on events and inventory here.

1.What is “San Diego Rocket Con"?


The San Diego Rocket Con is a comic, toys and collectibles show created by the owners of TC's Rockets in San Diego in hopes of revitalizing the quality of collectors shows. This show is to promote the congregation of fellow geeky trades such as trading cards, statues, comics, games, cosplay, and so much more.

March 21 & 22, 2020

Scottish Rite Event Center

1895 Camino Del Rio South

San Diego, CA 92108-3683