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Jeffrey Neil Bellinger

Jeffrey Neil Bellinger

Jeffrey Neil Bellinger was born and raised in New Jersey and remains loyal to the Garden state. During the 1980's, Jeff attended Arthur L. Johnson Regional High School in his hometown of Clark, and then Rutgers University where he earned a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering.  In the 1990's, Jeff moved to Virginia to attend Old Dominion University where he earned his Master's degree in Mathematics and Education.  Jeff has taught secondary science and mathematics education for over 20 years in New Jersey and Virginia and continues to teach secondary and college levels in his new home base of San Diego, California.


As for Jeff's favorite genres, science fiction reigns supreme!  Although always and forever more a fan of Star Trek (yes, all of them), Jeff has enjoyed many science fiction series over the years including Babylon 5, Farscape, Doctor Who, Red Dwarf and Stargate as well as classic series from his boyhood such as Lost In Space, Space: 1999 and Battlestar Galactica and current favorites such as The Expanse, Continuum, The Flash and X-Files (are
they still doing that?!).

Jeff has been inventing games since he was 12 years old, many of which have developed, mutated and survived (in one form or another) to this day. Although Jeff's most successful gaming system is Killer Bunnies® (in its many forms and designs) it is not Jeff's only endeavor.  Jeff continues to invent, develop and market new games each year for various publishing companies and will soon be releasing apps based on his work as well.  If you see him at a coffee shop anywhere in the United States (Jeff travels a whole lot), you¹ll most likely see a pencil, eraser and yellow legal pad with his latest scribbles, thoughts, ideas and flights of fancy.

Jeff's other interests include reading, history, and the mathematics of Game and Number Theory, which have, over time, helped him to hone his skills in the game industry. During his free time, Jeff likes to hit the highways of America and explore.  His famed road trips can last many weeks of the year and span all areas of the United States (and sometimes the UK which he finds brilliant).  In addition to constantly meeting real folks along the way, Jeff likes to photograph an ever-changing America, its people, architecture and its culture.

Jeff has been quoted as saying, "Perspective is the greatest asset that I have gained during my travels.  You never know where it'll come from, or when it'll arrive, but after awhile, you'll always know when you've got it."

Jonathan Young

Jonathan Young serves as graphic designer and illustrator for the Killer Bunnies series of card games, plus an array of other card and table top games created by Creative Team Alpha with Jeffrey Neil Bellinger.

Jonathan got started in Killer Bunnies after an unexpected ­ but appropriate meeting with the game's creator. They met at a Star Trek fan club
gathering. With their shared interest in Trek and gaming, they first started as friends and then became business partners.

Since then, Jonathan has guided the visual identify of all the Killer Bunnies game, designing the cards plus drawing a large portion of the game's images. He also leads a collection of talented illustrators that have
contributed to the game's wild and wacky art.

One of the perks of drawing so many images is that Jonathan has added an illustrated version of himself to the game. He appears many times in the game, first seen in card #84 from Quest, later as a Jedi in card #588, then in Conquest in card #920 in a card appropriately named Quickdraw.

When not drawing bunnies, although it seems he's always drawing bunnies,­ Jonathan works as a Marketplace Analyst for JINX, and gaming lifestyle company that designs apparel, toys and accessories for some of the top video games. His desk is covered with Minecraft, Overwatch and World of Warcraft toys and gear, along with a few Star Trek figures and Killer Bunnies boxes.